Sports Injury Chiropractor

Chiropractic care can give your athletic endeavors an edge, improve your athletic ability by helping to keep you healthy and in top form and by keeping minor injuries from becoming major ones.

Sports Are Designed For Chiropractic Care
Even the kinder, gentler sports can create damage from micro-trauma rather than macro-trauma. A leisurely game of billiards, pool or table tennis may seem nothing like the collisions of football, soccer or rugby, but micro-trauma caused by repeating the same movement can eventually wear down a body part as severely as colliding with a defensive lineman or running into a wall.

What Your Chiropractor Does
If you play any sport you should receive a chiropractic spinal checkup to ensure that your spine is balanced and free from misaligned vertebrae causing “pinched” nerves (spinal subluxations). Chiropractic care may give you the winning edge. That is why there are many amateur and professional athletes who wouldn’t dream of entering competition without a chiropractic spinal checkup.

Severe Trauma?
Athletes who are in trauma need chiropractic. The orthodox medical profession specializes in management of fractures, torn flesh, ripped tendons, dislocations, blood and fluid loss, and other emergency attention. However, most victims of trauma leave the hospital with serious spinal subluxations from their accidents because M.D.s are not trained to locate and correct this form of spinal damage. That is the realm of chiropractic care.