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Chiropractic Care: A spinal adjustment, is a special procedure your chiropractor uses to correct or relieve your vertebral subluxation complex. Dr. John Whitmire has spent years mastering this procedure. There may be many subluxations in your spine and consequently you may receive many adjustments. On some days there may be no subluxations and you will receive no adjustments.

Putting The Bone In Place?
When your chiropractor introduces a force into your spine, he/she is not really “putting the bone back in place.” The adjustment is unlocking the jammed or fixated vertebra from its stuck position and permitting it to move where the body wants it to go. Only the body knows exactly where the vertebra should go. The chiropractor can, however, make a reasonable determination of the general direction using analysis tools: Motion palpation, study of the electrical quality of the muscles (S-EMG), and other spinal analysis procedures.  Chiropractic adjustments administered by Dr. John Whitmire can help patients who suffer from many ailments and injuries that may cause both chronic and acute back pain, neck pain, and other areas of the body.